Benefits of Aluminum Profiles in Specialist Mechanical Engineering

Benefits of Aluminum Profiles in Specialist Mechanical Engineering

The brilliant idea of aluminum profiles was given by the two friends, Gerrit Pies, and Wolfgang Rixen. They realized that steel cannot meet all the requirements of mechanical engineering, so they came up with these ground-breaking profiles that added versatility to the construction world. Here are mentioned all the reasons that describe why aluminum products had gained so much importance in specialist mechanical engineering.

Top-Quality Material

Aluminum is a high-quality material. Unlike steel, which requires regular maintenance and corrosion protection, these profiles are corrosion-resistant. Also, they are very easy to mold, are extremely conductive, and can be created through extrusion.

Low Weight

Another best quality of the aluminum profiles is that they are low in weight. Unlike the industrial robots and machinery that offers precision and accuracy only with its heavyweight, the aluminum frames & windows make High-speed processing and automated handling as well as work with the assembly robots possible with its low-weight construction.

Easy Transportation

Where Steel frames make components very heavy and hard to carry, but the lightweight properties of aluminum render many direct advantages when it comes to transportation. This is because there is no requirement for any heavy trucks and other expensive means of transport. The cargo can be carried with ease, and the handling becomes very convenient.

Saves Time and Money

The use of aluminum profiles in mechanical engineering makes sawing, screwing, and assembling quite efficient. These steps can all be executed with the help of a single mechanic without the need for any extra training. Also, there is no need for special tools or heavy machinery. It eventually saves the precious time of manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers.


The versatile material of the aluminum profiles makes customization possible with innovative fastening techniques. Any alterations and changes can easily be made within a very short time.