Facts & Process Used to Achieve the Grainy Wood Effect On Aluminum Profiles

Facts & Process Used to Achieve the Grainy Wood Effect On Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum profiles have been widely used for doors and windows in different commercial and domestic settings. The thing that makes the aluminum profiles so popular among the masses is the level of adaptability that they offer to depend on the needs of a customer. There are people who like to invest in good-quality aaluminum profiles for their doors and windows but want a grainy wood effect on them. There is a brief procedure that goes into achieving that effect in any aluminum profile, and many service providers charge differently for the service depending on the complexation and precision required. The wood grain aluminum profiles have been popular among the homeowners as they provide a distinguished look to the entire home décor.

Here’s the process that is used to achieve the grainy wood effect to any aluminum profile.

First Step: Powder Coating

The process of powder coating used to achieve the grainy wood effect in any aluminum profile is divided into 3 parts

Base Coat

In this process, a base coat of powder is applied to the aluminum extrusions by the manufacturers. The procedure of applying the coating is done electrostatically in order to enhance adhesion.


The curing procedure involves exposing the profiles to a heat that goes to 200 degrees Celsius for approximately 10 minutes.


The profiles are taken out of the oven after 10 minutes and are left to cool down to reach room temperature so they can be treated with different procedures.  

Second Step:  Sublimation

Film Wrapping

Material is wrapped around the aluminum profiles to provide them with the grainy wood effect.

Air Elimination

Any possible amount of air that might be interfering between the film and the profile is eliminated in this process.


The wrapped aluminum profiles are placed into an oven so that the desired coating could be done, resulting in the grainy wood effect on the aluminum profiles.


The aluminum extrusions are removed from the oven and the area is allowed to cool down to a manageable temperature resulting in the desired wood grain effect on the aluminum profile.

Facts About Wood Grain Effect Aluminum Profile

Woodgrain effect aluminum profile features are not overly hyped because they are hugely empowering the interior design and construction industry. Some of the features that are making them the biggest hit in the market.

1. Woodgrain effect aluminum profile contains unmatched weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can prevent erosion, it also has a strong UV resistance and can maintain the original luster and color for an extended period not only this it has other more dominating features than normal forms.

2. Woodgrain Aluminum profile has extreme impact resistance, and its flexible paint film is highly resistant to compression and wear.

3. The outer layer or the surface layer of is wood grain effect aluminum alloy is smooth and delicate, and it is also very easy to clean and maintain. No special chemicals are required for cleaning only water can do the job done to clean stains or mildew spots.

4. Wood grain effect aluminum alloy profile is very considered good very good from an interior point of view because the wood-like process can produce a variety of colors, which can provide different wood grain effect, and can achieve 100% wood grain effect, and also the grain effect looks good than regular wood.

5. Wood grain effect aluminum profile is an environmentally friendly product. It has the decoration of wood grain effect and reduces the use of raw wood. It is environmentally friendly and also looks beautiful.

6. Powder Coating is one of the most common kinds of aluminum finishes.

7. The Sublimation-used to emboss the patterns after the powder coating.

8. After completing these coating and embossing the aluminum extrusions comes in the real wood form.