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Anhui Guotai Aluminum Co. Ltd is known as the best aluminum extrusion factory in the China region. With a myriad of years of experience, Anhui Guotai excels in manufacturing the best quality aluminum profiles. Bound to excel with a corporate goal, we receive compliments as the premium and most in-demand aluminum extrusion supplier worldwide. As the supreme quality, most trusted, and most anticipated aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the best China aluminum extrusion tubes. The quality that we offer is outstandingly exceptional. Anhui comprises the best aluminum extrusion factory. Our products speak for themselves, and to complement and stamp their quality and durability, we have also been ISO9001: 2015 certified.

Below are Some of the Different Shapes of Aluminum Extrusions we Offer:-

We, as your most trusted aluminum extrusion supplier, offer you everything that you desire. Please have a look at the different shapes of aluminum extrusion profiles we deliver to our premium clientele.

Aluminum Channel

Telescopic Tube

Microchannel Tube

Aluminum Enclosure

Aluminum Angle

Custom Extrusion

Extruded Heatsink

Cylinder Tube

T-slot Extrusion

Shop the Best China Aluminum Extrusion at Wholesale Prices

If you are looking to get the best quality China aluminum extrusion tubes in bulk and at a wholesale price, why wander here and there? Being the supreme quality aluminum extrusion factory, Anhui would provide you with the best aluminum extrusion tubes. Being the premium aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we deliver industrial and customized aluminum extrusion at wholesale prices. We are proud to be known as the best manufacturers as we always provide the most exceptional quality of extrusion tubes at the most reasonable and budget-friendly prices.

Aluminum Extrusion Alloy Numbers Available at Anhui Guotai

Anhui Guotai offers customers a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the alloy. Better options upsurged the trust of the local and international buyers for the professional aluminum extrusion supplier, Guotai. The following are some of the optimal aluminum extrusion alloy numbers that we are providing:-

Alloy 1000 Series

The alloy 1000 series we offer are the ones with the maximum aluminum content. This group has the most beneficial features, including excellent corrosion resistance and superior thermal and electrical conductivity. Most of all, they are also easy to weld. This makes them most in-demand in electrical and chemical enterprises. 

Alloy 2000 Series

The alloy 2000 series made in the aluminum extrusion factory comprises 95% Aluminium, 4.5% copper, and 0.5% other materials. This series is known for its high malleability and sturdiness. The aerospace sectors are the ones that employ the 2000 series the most.

Alloy 3000 Series

The aluminum of the 3000 series alloys is alloyed with 1 to 1.5 percent manganese. These alloys have high strength and also sustain good formability. Moreover, they are also known for their corrosion and rust resistance. 

Alloy 5000 Series

In this Alloy series of Aluminum, Magnesium is the fundamental element. This quality alloy series's properties include low density, excellent fatigue strength, high tensile strength, high elongation, and good fatigue strength. The alloy 5000 series are the main ingredients in marine applications.

Alloy 6000 Series

The 6000-alloy series is the composition of the three best elements, aluminum, silicon, and magnesium, making the most significant share of the extrusion market. They are well-suited for constructional and structural applications because they render high corrosion and oxidation resistance. Besides, they are also quickly strengthened and relatively easy to weld, making them ideal for use in the architectural world.

Alloy 7000 Series

The most substantial series out of all is the 7000-alloy series, as they comprise of Al-Mg-Zn-Cu alloy. Even though they are not great at withstanding corrosion, they are heat-treatable with incredible wear resistance and weldability. The application of the Alloy 7000 series is primarily in the architectural, automotive, and aerospace world.

Anhui Guotai Offering Various Types of Aluminum Extrusion Dies

We also render you multiple types of aluminum extrusion dies here, which are highly engineered parts of tooling.

Solid Aluminum Extrusion Dies 

The solid aluminum extrusion dies are known to create solid shapes mainly because of the presence of apertures. These apertures can even extrude or force the softened alloys.

Sem-Hollow Dies

These dies extrude the shape that partially encloses a void.

Hollow Dies

Hollow dies are known to take a variety of forms. However, the design choice and manufacturing techniques depend upon various factors, such as the profile, container size, and production requirements.

Get Industrial Profiles from The Best Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers

Anhui is the premium quality and most widely demanded aluminum extrusion supplier. We anticipate and understand our valuable customers' needs and wants and provide them with the best aluminum extrusion solution at the most competitive prices. We are equipped with modern extrusion production lines, which help us in keeping the production process lean. We ensure that the quality of every product that we unleash in the market is captive and controlled. It is one reason we are known as the best aluminum extrusion manufacturer and supplier in the China region. We believe in providing better services at low prices.

What Sectors Can Take the Most Benefit of Aluminum Extrusions?

There are plenty of benefits and uses of the Aluminum extrusions provided by the reliable aluminum extrusion supplier. However, the following sectors require these extrusions the most.