Anodized Aluminum Profile

Anodized Aluminum Profiles with HQ Corrosion Resistance & Responsive Conductivity from ANHUI GUOTAI (ISO TUV certified)

Anhui Guotai Aluminum Co. Ltd. is one of the top Chinese Anodized aluminum profile manufacturers in the global industry. We offer you the best alu-solutions that can benefit your business/corporation. We provide you with OEM and ODM services, which make us internationally renowned. We employ the most durable aluminum. Our anodic finishes have complete protection with drastically improved properties, making them corrosion and abrasion resistant.

Anodizing is an Electrochemical Process, as Detailed Herewith:

A thin aluminum oxide layer is embedded on the whole profiles' surfaces in the anodizing processes, also called the 'electrolytic passivation process.'

A "passive" substrate is one that the atmosphere disturbs or decomposes lesser than others, comparatively speaking. In passivation, a biochemical response with the base substance creates an outer layer of shield material. This shielding material is applied as a micro coating. For aluminum, this reaction can be oxidation or a chemical process known as anodization.

The desired outcome of passivation is oxidation control, excluding corrosion accelerators. The capabilities include accomplishing a thin deposit layer of pure aluminum over the alloy (alclading). For aluminum, the inert surface layer termed the "native oxide layer" thickens to 5 nm (50 Å) after several years. Another type of passivation is anodization, which electrolytically hides a metallic exterior with a thicker protective skin. The thick oxide 'skin' is a progressively thicker oxide film than generated by other passivation forms. This finish is more robust and also provides electrical insulation.

Our anodized aluminum products in China have a huge demand because of their top quality. Thanks to TUV Austria and ISO certifications, the end-result anodization is pure power in client satisfaction and better resilience! Our superior services of anodized aluminum extrusion make us the most preferred aluminum anodized profiles exporter in the industry.

What Makes GUOTAI the Best Anodized Aluminum Supplier Globally?

The most crucial factor for our fame is the usage of high-quality Chinese anodized aluminum to last for a long time. Another important reason is we offer our clients the best packages that are quite affordable for them. Anodizing aluminium is our specialty, and we provide the best delivery service to our customers. You can order Clear Anodized, Black Dyed, Bronze, and even Gold or any other colored anodized aluminum from Anhui Guotai using the forms attached.

Corrosion Cycle Differences Between Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel:-

While stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, it can respond differently when exposed to corrosive environments when paired with other elements. Hence, stainless steel is available in variable ratings to protect itself given certain situations. Here are some ways stainless steel will corrode; not the Superman we think it is!

Pitting decomposition: This environmental corrosion occurs when the surroundings contain chloride.

Crevice corrosion befalls when there is a low volume of oxygen and a stockpile of chlorides.

Galvanic rust: This type takes place when unrelated metals interact with the matching erosive force, such as shower or weather condensation.

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC): Primarily a problem for austenitic stainless steel, SCC kicks in when a hairline crack grows on the surface of the steel.

Intergranular type: Heating the alloy continuously at 800/1000 degrees creates IGA or Intergranular Attack rust. The corrosion begins from this inside.

Anodizing aluminum coils or other parts will help protect the metal from quick wear and tear in these complex environments where exposure to harmful elements is imminent.

Aluminum alone is famous for weathering, but it does not decompose like steel. Aluminum is most vulnerable to galvanic and pitting corrosion. Galvanic weathering arises when aluminum contacts a precious metal such as steel and copper. Instead of showing rust, that aluminum will start to collapse, ensuing an ugly layer.

Pitting corrosion also affects the face of aluminum more than its functionality. The chlorides present in the environment attract Pitting rust. It can also occur when the aluminum is exposed to temperatures beyond the 4 to 9 pH range. The more moist or acidic the milieu, the sooner aluminum will break down, producing extreme pitting corrosion on aluminum. Concrete, for example, has an approximate pH value of 12.5 to 13.5.

Benefits of Using Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Anodized Aluminum

We manufacture the best-anodized alu-profile with numerous advantages at the helm:-

1. Because China's best protective layer of anodized material, the overall object matter becomes more resistant to wear and tear from normal usage and handling.

2. The procedure of anodizing aluminum forms a more aesthetically pleasing finish with either a vibrant or a colorized appearance.

3. The thick external coating is produced along with appropriate sealing. It improves the corrosion resistivity of the surface as it stops further oxidization.

4. The color finish added to anodized aluminum is more lasting because it attains more adhesive and permeable qualities during the anodizing procedure; the resulting anodic film glaze grants for effective dyeing procedures to be applied.

5. The anodized aluminum surface is more robust than pure aluminum, next only to diamonds concerning its hard-crystalline assembly. The thickness varies depending on Type 1 to Type 2 and Type 3 methodologies. But each method makes the strength better and the mass stronger and more resistant to any diversity!

Anodizing as an Industrial Process (source: SpringerLink)


The Diverse Uses of Our Anodized Aluminum Outputs:

As a certified TUV Austria Anodized Coatings Aluminum Profile Manufacturer, we can outline many benefits and applications. The anodized aluminum has diverse commercial and consumer uses, just like our famously export aluminum extrusion profile. It is employed in most industries for getting the maximum gains. There are various machines as well which use only anodized material parts of aluminum for cost effective results. We are here to offer you all of them at customized and made-to-order offers. You can also go for the latest techniques outputting additional anodizing layers for specific scenario-based usage.

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